The Dirigo Story

Dirigo formed in 1990 specializing in analog electronic circuits. Problem solving led to the invention and commercialized of a patented trawl cable vibration meter that showed fishing vessels how their nets were fishing on the ocean bottom. Serendipity connected that effort with a project for the US Army investigating fuel saving generators that could operate at varying speed. That led to a project for the BMDO (now Missile Defense Agency) inventing new variable speed technology for vehicle mounted AC generators. In 1999 Dirigo joined with Wood Engineering to patent and commercialize the technology as Raven Technology LLC, which sold variable speed generators for emergency vehicles and renewable energy systems from 2004-2017. Raven has now finished up operations and Dirigo R&D is at work specializing in instrumentation, electrical machine design, renewable energy, analog and digital electronics and microprocessor controls.

Dirigo  – From Latin, “I lead” – Maine State Motto

R&D     – From Yankee,  “persistence”


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